Massive Cyber Attack

After a cyber attack on an American software manufacturer, IT disruptions occurred around the world.

Numerous IT service providers, their customers and other companies have become victims of encryption Trojans, so-called ransomware. IT service providers and other companies are also affected in Germany. According to the current state of knowledge, several thousand IT devices have been encrypted.

“The incident shows how intensively global networking is progressing in digitization and what dependencies arise. In the current attack, ransomware was rolled out across every link in a software supply chain. This clearly shows that supply chains must also come into focus from the point of view of IT security. Ransomware is currently one of the greatest threats to IT in companies and organizations. If attacks are successful, services and production are often brought to a standstill. The damage to those affected is therefore often enormous. “

The picture of this incident continues to develop dynamically.  As things currently stand, several IT service providers and companies worldwide are affected.