Access through RDP

Most hackers find access through phishing or a reused password.

Primary choice

Placing malware on your computers is the primary choice of weapon.

New attack patterns

We observe emerging technologies such as social media, smartphone etc.


Keep Cyber Threats at bay with RDP Access Control


Hackers are exploiting Remote Desktop Protocol.

Therefore, we have developed RDP Access Control; a software system that focuses on erroneous RDP connections and thus keeps cyber threats at bay. Benefits for you:

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Blocking of suspect entries
  • Overview of suspect entries
  • Automatic reports
  • Support
  • Many more

Why are hackers aiming at the Remote Desktop Protocol?

The RDP protocol is used for logging into remote desktop servers, whether it’s your Windows PC at the office or home. In other words, this is a widely used protocol. Because every user would like to log in anytime, anywhere in the world, the protocol is listening 24×7 if you are trying to log in. And the protocol doesn’t just listen to your legitimate login attempt. It also listens to all illegitimate attempts by hackers. That is why the RDP protocol is so interesting for hackers to abuse.

Microsoft has no solution for this problem besides giving you the possibility to block your account after x-number of attempts, but that is not always desirable for you as a user. That’s why there is RDP Access Control. We do not look at one user; we look at the origin. And if that IP Address has made x-number of attempts, then we block the address. And then it is also multi-tenant.


Almost every type of organization needs to have an active cyber strategy, in order to mitigate your exposure to cyber attacks.


The average company needs more than 24 hours before even realizing they have been attacked, therefore the damage often already has been done. Therefore: prevention is better than cure. Read our tips to prevent.

Cyber attakcs
More than 50%
of SMB’s have
experienced a
cyber attack.

Companies that are using RDP Access Control

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